October 8, 2007

Diane's Dinner Party

So I will cut to the chase- basically, they might as well rewrite the name of the book- Julia who? Diane Schneider Cooks French! That is how good it was. The Scallops were delic- I they were a little heavy for me as an entree- I did ok with a few bites- but they were yummy. I served them with a cucumber salad with homemade fresh Basil dressing- super good and summery, and a baby-ciabatta loaf. And HOORAH for Clafouti- I made it with apples. SO good. I actually drizzled a little of the left over apple-cognac-cinnamon sauce that the apples sat in before baking over the final product. Would have been super good with really good vanilla ice cream (I know I know, not for you)

But anyway, maybe it was Julia Child Virgin luck- but the first go round was a total success and a big hit with Megan and her boyfriend!
I am excited for next month's recipes!
xx di

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